Pokea Store Tutorials

Here we publish a set of tutorials to help you set up your Pokea Store and start selling online easily

How to add Local Delivery Options

On this tutorial we cover how to add local delivery options under the shipping and pick-up section of your Pokea store control panel. Adding Local delivery options is critical in your fulfilment process as it helps establish the delivery location, how much to charge for delivery and describe to the customer conditions for delivery. Under this tutorial we will use a fixed delivery rate option for demonstration purposes.

How to edit your site content

In this Tutorial, we cover how get your instant site looking great! You will be able to add you logo, change the layout of the header on your website, change the fonts, colours, include customer testimonials and much more

How to record offline sales using the Pokea store App

Tutorial on how to record offline sales using the App from Pokeastore service. Offline sales typically would include Phone Orders, DMs -IG, Twitter (not those type of DMs 🙂 ), WhatsApp Messages or even on premise (where your shop maybe located). The app allows you to manage inventory, create manual orders, amend orders, send PDF order confirmations via email or share via WhatsApp, record payment confirmations, update fulfillment status, offer discount coupons and much more